Research Topics

For each Cycle the Academic Council select a list of research topics/fields.

The research topics (i.e. likely indicative titles of Theses) proposed by research groups at DIEF for the 37th cycle are listed here:

Research Topics (PhD tentative titles)

- Advanced numerical modelling of combustion and heat transfer processes in gas turbine combustors using unconventional fuels based on hydrogen blends or liquid synthetic fuels

- Development and innovation in gas turbine cooling systems through new manufacturing technologies 

- Numerical modelling and test support of non-conventional gas turbine combustion processes involving Exhaust Gas Recirculation, fuel mixtures based on ammonia, hydrogen and/or high C2+ hydrocarbon content

- Resilient Energetic Smart city analysis with economic analysis

- Aerodynamics and aeromechanics design methodologies for multi-stage axial compressors

- Numerical methods for the multi-disciplinary design of turbomachinery modules for industrial applications

- Geothermal Energy for Emerging Countries

- Research and development of innovative methodologies based on reverse engineering and additive manufacturing for biomedical devices

- Development of tools and methods based on reverse engineering for the diagnosis and treatment of scars in paediatrics

- Development of numerical and experimental approaches for the characterisation of operating machines

- Development of Actuator Line simulation methods for horizontal axis wind turbines

- Value-based healthcare and technology assessment: applications in home care services

- Development of digital twins for logistics service optimization

- Nanostructured magnetic materials or molecular magnetic materials and their applications respectively in the sectors: a) of induction catalysis, replacement of critical materials, and high frequency electronic devices; b) of molecular electronics, spintronics and optoelectronics for the development of technologies for quantum computation and data storage.

- Development of intelligent strategies for biosignals monitoring and processing in biorobotics applications

- Development of control strategies for autonomous underwater vehicle-manipulator systems

- Development of navigation strategies for autonomous underwater vehicles for monitoring and for intervention

- Optimisation of driving dynamics and wheel-rail interaction railway vehicles

- Multi-physics structural optimisation of railway vehicle components

- Development of fluid-dynamic and direct-contact bearing for rotordynamic applications

- Theoretical, numerical and experimental research on refrigeration with natural fluids

- Biomimetic humid air processes for water treatment and high-efficiency HVAC

- Hydrodynamic cavitation applied to the extraction of nutraceutical substances from biomass

- Study and development of motor cognitive dual task protocols for early diagnosis in neurodegenerative diseases through wearable sensors, neuroimaging and machine learning

- Study and development of bio-inspired social robots for rehabilitation and clinical assessment in neuro-cognitive declines

- Numerical / experimental techniques for the development and approval of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) in a controlled environment and on the road.

- Development of smart systems for the use of solar energy and PED solutions

- Development of systems & components for the rationalization of energy use at industrial and residential level

- Development of systems & components for ultra-low-temp solutions

- Study and development of a single-user electric vehicle

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