All the users of the Department are invited to Join the ACCIDENT INSURANCE (€ 6,50)
Pending process for l'assignment of insurance service, the adhesion insurance policy has been extended until 30/06/2022; therefore, those who have already paid the premium of € 6,50 do not have to pay again

You should pay the accident insurance premium through the PagoPa system.

To make the payment, please: 

  1. Connect to the IRIS platform
  2. The amount to be paid is € 6.50
  3. In the box "causale" it must be written "Assicurazione infortuni periodo 1/10/2020-30/06/2022"


Save the receipt as proof of the insurance payment 

You have to send the receipt by email to: and

Ph.D. students are covered for accidents:


- by INAIL, as students, following Presidential Decree no. 1124/1965 art. 4 point 5, only for technical-scientific or work-related exercises, excluding commuting accidents;

- by adhesion accident policy (subject to payment of the premium of € 6.50) with Generali Italia, including in-transit accidents

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