Workshops and Seminars


According to the University guidelines of 1 May 2022 Lessons for PhD courses are held predominantly in presence to the extent of 100% of the usable seats for each classroom, ensuring compliance with the safety measures adopted in view of the epidemiological framework.


Although teaching at Athenaeum level must be 'face-to-face', in order to facilitate doctoral students who cannot physically attend courses because they are unable to do so (e.g. due to periods abroad, etc.), it is possible to ask the course organiser if it is possible to participate at a distance. 
Therefore, if this modality is activated, in order to participate remotely, you are required to communicate this intention to the course organiser, with your Tutor, CV co-ordinator, PhD co-ordinator and Benedetta ( in cc, specifying the reason (because abroad/because in a company, because of incompatibility with a mission timetable... etc.). 
The organiser will then send you the link to attend the course/seminar.



For professors: to propose a new course, please fill in the excel file and send it to: and
It is also necessary to:
- fill in the attendance register for doctoral students (ask to;
- create a teaching register (for internal professors) in the register application.


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